Next Steps

Tue, 16 Feb 2016

So i took the plunge… Or at least I’ve walked up the steps to the diving board. I’ve applied to Makers Academy! So far I’ve got through the first stage. Next is interview.

I’ve spent the last few days working through the Ruby course on Codecademy and have read through Learn to Program by Chris Pine. It’s not easy but none of the challenges on codecademy have defeated me yet! That said I’m slightly hindered by some of the other languages I’ve learnt previously. I keep finding myself using the wrong brackets or wanting to use a semi colon!

My interview is next week so hopefully i should have time to finish codecademy, go through the Ruby tutorials on and then go through the Chris Pine book once more! I’m sure I’ll be prepared so as long as I don’t break down into tears I’m sure everything will go fine!


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