Sun, 06 Mar 2016

I made it 3 whole posts before forgetting to blog. A new record!

I’m back now though and I have a few updates!

I was accepted to Makers Academy! (woo!) I’m officially part of the April 2016 cohort. I was thrilled to get in and handed in my notice at work the next working day. I’m nervous about taking this big step but also very excited. I’m trying to make sure I’m in the best position for when I start the precourse in a week. I’ve been brushing up on my ruby skills, completed the command line course on codecademy, and I’m going to run through the git course on codecademy as well. I’ve also been trying to do some challenges on codewars whenever I can. I’ve actually learnt so much through my codewars struggles! Every new challenge involves some googling to figure out how I could achieve it. It feels great to finish my very complicated solution only to see someone else achieve the same effect in one line. But every time I see some new syntax i make sure to look it up.

As much as I hope to blog throughout my time at makers… Looking at other students blogs suggests it’s hard to find the time! I’ll aim for once a week to begin with and see how that goes…

Anyway back to more codewars. I’ve managed to get to the 7th kyu and luckily the jump between challenge difficulty hasn’t been as bad as I was expecting. I’m still struggling to see how I’m going to turn all this basic level code into something tangible. But like everything I’m sure when you start breaking big tasks down into smaller pieces things become more clear.

Makers countdown begins!

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