Makers are go! - MA Precourse Week 1

Wed, 16 Mar 2016

So the Makers Academy precourse is in full swing! I've just come to the end of the first week which has consisted of Command Line and Git. I'd always been a bit scared of both of them so now that I have some understanding of it I don't know what I was so worried about!

The challenge we were set for this week was a murder mystery completed through the command line. I'd been through the command line course on Codecademy so I had a rough idea of the basic. Git was all brand new to me though. It took me a while to get my get my head around the workflow but after a bit of experimentation I was able to do some simple tasks.

The challenge needed a mix of commands that I already knew, as well as a few new ones I had to google for. On top of that there was some deduction thrown in for good measure! It was set out a bit like an old text adventure/puzzle game. I really enjoyed it and hope future challenges are this fun!


The people on my course all seem awesome. We met last Monday at the Pre Course launch and quite a few of us have been pretty active on Slack talking about the work as we progress.

Overall the week was less stressful than I was anticipating, although I think it's going to heat up as we move onto Ruby from tomorrow!

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