Cheek and Pine - MA Precourse End of Week 2, Start of Week 3

Wed, 30 Mar 2016

Week 2 has finished. I'm actually half way through week 3 but I was a bit busy over the weekend and forgot to write a post here.

Week 2 was a bit of a rollercoaster difficulty wise. It started really hard as I'd managed to forget most of my Ruby knowledge in the space of a week. After a few challenges from ruby-kickstart I was starting to get back in the swing of things. I'd pass a challenge, feel great; then start the next only to feel completely lost again. The feeling of elation and utter confusion took a bit of a toll on me, especially when I got to the last few challenges. I managed to get them working but found I was sort of muddling through them. For the very last challenge I just couldn't get my head around how the classes were interacting and had to look at the solution. It was a bank holiday weekend so I used my Friday off work to visit Ace Hotel in Shoreditch with a few others on my course. We worked through the challenges and helped each other out where we were struggling. I found myself suddenly understanding concepts I'd used but not understood mid explanation.

Saturday was more relaxed as I'd finished the challenges and was already above the target honour on Codewars. I spent some time remote pairing to further improve my understanding and did yet more Codewars (I really like Codewars).

My Sunday wasn't very productive as I went to visit my parents for Easter. It was nice to zone out a bit, I'm not sure how many more opportunities like that I'll get! Monday was yet another Bank Holiday and the start of week 3! This week we're to continue with the Chris Pine Learn to Program book. Chris explains concepts quite well but his anecdotes sometimes drag on a bit. I went back to Ace Hotel to meet a few others from the cohort and get started. In comparison to the start of week 2 I felt much more confident. I found I was having to Google a lot less and am starting to remember a lot of the basic methods that I use a lot. I made a good start on the challenges and we bumped into a few other Makers students from the cohort ahead of us. They were really friendly and told us a bit about their experience so far. It seems the feelings of confusion were normal which boosted my confidence a little more.

Tuesday was back to work and it was a bit of a shock to the system. Spending the full day coding on Friday and Monday had made me realise what it was like to spend your day doing something you love rather than something you can stand. As soon as I got home I was straight on my laptop to work on the week 3 challenges. Next thing I knew it was 1am and I had to be up in 6 hours. Whoops! After seeing how many challenges there were this week I was worried I'd fall behind as I'm one of the few still working full time. If I can't finish by Friday I've got the whole weekend set aside so hopefully shouldn't be a problem.

This Friday I'll be visiting Makers in person for a graduation and their 3rd birthday! It will be good to see some of the final projects that come out of maker's students as well as an opportunity to ask some questions and meet some more of my cohort. Also I've been told there's beer and pizza ;)

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